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Tank Wars RTS

2008-01-10 06:51:45 by ASSHOLELA

Tank Wars RTS, the first ever RTS game like Command and Conquer on Newgrounds!More complex, more features, more ways to win and more aspects than any other RTS game ever made in flash.Build bases, collect oil, create your units, send then and destroy the enemy.

VErsion 2.5 is coming up in two weeks so brace yourself.

Tank Wars 2 had a major bug infestation (so for it to even make it to the front page was very very lucky)
. I've taken note of them in your reviews and they will be fixed when I release VErsion 2.5.

Version 2.5 will include new aspect and better graphics, especially how the textures blend in on the background.

Till then, have fun playing games on NG!

Tank Wars RTS


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2008-01-10 09:38:47

Sounds good :D Although using the right click to move would be nice.. OH WAIT you can't do that in Flash can you? D: Evil flash player <.< Oh well.. good luck :D


2008-01-10 15:56:00

hope u fix all em bugs.


2008-01-10 16:12:34

nice game oh can u give me pictures of all the buildings


2008-01-10 16:28:02

hope you can force fire dude that would so rock and hope there are new units and when i played tutorial it said i can only build humvees but you can build other units and the first few campaigns should be easy and not hard


2008-01-10 17:17:52

I saw this on the front page but didn't feel like playing it, I geuss i'll try it, also the tissue dance dude? fuck off


2008-01-10 18:12:49

looks fun!


2008-01-10 21:05:11

hmm looks like a great improvementfrom the previous version. Well i'm looking forward to it.


2008-01-11 07:37:08

I'm happy that you decided to fix the bugs, it really ruined the experience for me.

and MilfredmousZX? SHUT THE FUCK UP


2008-01-11 13:20:50

just be sre to put it troops and air craft =) and more then 1 teem of tanks like gdi and nod, different tanks,troops,air craft and all that, can wait for it to come out :D


2008-01-11 17:31:32

o well i'll just play the original and watch movies and all my other regular stuff until 2.5 comes out.


2008-01-11 21:36:07

um heres a tip: next time (i mean after this tank wars rts 3.0 maybe) focus on bugs not grafics i personally would think its a good game even without good grafics