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2010-03-26 11:13:45 by ASSHOLELA

It has been a year since my last post.....oh well.

I'm still working on my latest grand project, a massive flash RTS modelled after CNC featuring almost every feature from the series' earlier 2.5D RTS version. It will be released on NG somewhere around late 2010. (It was orignially meant to be late 2009, oh well, the Ai was harder than I thought...)

Anyway, I've uploaded a beta version of a sample Skirmish game of the Debug version of the game. It is located at

Upload Location

. The map features 3 players, you, 1 allied AI and 1 Communist AI. Press H to find your home base.
The allied enemy is somewhere to the northwest of your base and the communist enemy is to the west.
Controls are exactly the same as in CNC. Use your mouse to play the game. Alternateively, you may defeat yourself by selling your conyard and to watch the 2 Ai's slug it out to the death!

Feel free no notify me of any things you dont like or any bugs. I need your comments as much as possible because I need to fix any bugs present before I proceed to create the Main Menu and Scenerio Creator




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2010-03-26 12:38:20

this is pretty impressive considering dude, nice, keep up the good work on that


2010-03-26 18:34:36

lol it looks like it's gonna be better than C&C4


2010-03-26 19:44:09

I'm a huge of of C&C and i have all the games up to c&C 3 the first decade included. This probably gonna be the best game on flash on Newgrounds. I bet alot of flash makers will be really impressed you might even a win prize to. I just hope you do thats all.


2010-03-26 19:52:13

Some bugs i can tell is the selection once the attack is made it should no longer need to be re-selected for the same unit unless the person selects it in a sqaud like unit 1 and they press 1...

Also the red lines to instantely dissappear and it has stayed on the screen for sometime before i did. Thats all i can see for now:)

ASSHOLELA responds:

i'm sorry but I dont get your point about the attack selection thinghy. Perhalps you could re-explain it to me so that i can fix it.


2010-03-26 22:42:34

To be honest mate; I can't really get anywhere in this beta.


2010-03-27 01:42:29

I just built an Aurora Bomber and it came out blue.


2010-03-27 01:42:56

As in I built it, it flew to blue's airbase, and landed there.


2010-03-27 01:57:36

The least you could do is improve the sound. If you know anyone who can rip audio from a game, you should contact them. It'll boost your ratings just to have good-quality sound.

In addition, you could create a campaign mode, add water for the naval units, make a difficulty chooser thing, and a side chooser; in the beta you play as Allies.


2010-03-27 02:03:32

Don't get me wrong, I like the concept. I own C&C Tiberian Sun, for crying out loud. I just thing this beta has a ways to go before it's ready to publish.


2010-03-27 02:03:59

I meant to say think, not thing.


2010-04-17 16:18:03

theres a bug a BiG BUG when you construct for example an BOAT REFINERY or that and you can pu it any site you cant cancel an you can construct more things.


2011-08-13 10:59:29

I am waiting!