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New Flash RTS update 3

2009-01-08 07:56:41 by ASSHOLELA

This is the third news post about my (and Newground's) first Command and Conquer style Real Time Strategy Game.

For those who haven't seen my first few news post, here's the lowdown on the game:

If you've played Command and Conquer red alert 2 or tiberian sun before, this game is basically it. Your objective is to build a base,harvest oil for money, create troops to defend it and them send them to destroy the enemy. The game will feature almost everything from the command and conquer series, including garrisonable buildings,aircraft and ships as well as 60 different kinds of units from 2 warring factions (the G7 nations and the rest of the poorer nations around the world who've juz turned communist;but of course, these are kinda lame names so i wount be calling them that in the final game), which you can choose to represent in the campaign.The game can also support multiple players, either free for all style or allied in teams, and possibly multiplayer if I have the time.

you can read on if you're interested...

Each side has its own special characteristics:The communists,being poor, do not hav access to superior technology.Hence, they build their buildings usng dozers, while the G7 can easily pop them up using conyards.The G7 relies heavily on upgrades and it's arsenal includes superior air and naval power, lasers and superweapons.The communists resort to using primitive little dirty tricks such as nuclear radiation(irradiated tiles damage the units which step on it), fire(which can spread until it becomes an immense inferno), chemical sprays and biological agents(which spread among your infantry like an epidermic and eventually kills them all)., and concrete to build their structures (which makes them stronger than the shape memory alloys the G7 uses)

as of now, I am halfway done, with 42 units and structures done up.Here is a list of them:

Ranger: Basic infantry with a rapid fire machine gun.Can be deployed which reduces their attack power but makes them a lot harder to kill,much like the GI of Red Alert 2
Rocket INfantry: Armed with bazookas.Good against tanks and air units
Sniper: Used to kill infantry from a distance
Navy Seal : Pulverises enemy buildings and tanks with c4 charges.
Medic:Heals wounded friendly soldiers.
Rocketeer: Floats in the air and shoots at enemies from above

Oil Truck: Used to gather oil from oil wells and transport them back to refineries.Faster than communist variant, but less capacious and ligher armoured.
grizzly tank: Basic battle tank
Humvee: Agile and fast troop transporter.5 infantry squads can garrison inside it
Scout drone: has a larger line of sight them all other uints.used for scouting adn detecting radiation.Stealthed.
Artillery: Used to barrage targets from a distance must be deployed to fire.

the g7 builds aircraft from airfields. Each airfield has a single runway and 4 pads which support aircraft by repairing,refuelling and recharging ther ammo.Each aircraft wait for its turn to takeoff before attackng.Should there be more aircraft than pads available, the excess aircraft without pads simply die.
Raptor: Basic aircraft used in dogfights.Shoots enemies with sidewinder missiles
Aurora Bomber: Used to bomb spot targets. Area of effect attack makes it very good aganst buildings.Fast but with little armor
Stealth Fighter:Basically a stealthed version of a raptor, but slower and more powerful
Chinook: transports vehicles and infantry via the air

Conscript: less powerful than ranger but a lot cheaper. cannot be deployed.
Grenadier: Throws grenades at enemy. Hgh firepower but often misses.Unexploded grenades can damage friendly troops.
Engineer:while the g7 is more humane and chooses to heal its own infantry, the communists build engineers to repair their own vehicles instead.
Attack Dog: Used in packs to kill infantry.Jumps on them and kills them in one bite just lke the one in red alert.
Commando: Equivalent of navy seal from the G7.Instead of c4ing buildings, it uses a chain gun to mow them down.

Tanks :
Construction Dozer: Builds the communists buildings
Oil Truck: Gathers a lot of oil at once but slow and lumbering.
Tick Tank: much like grizzly tank, but tick tanks have more armour and can deploy to make them even harder to destroy still.
V3 Launcher: Lanches rockets to kill buildings from afar. Like the v3 launcher in red alert2
Attack cycle: Like scout drone, used for scouting,but is not stealthed and has less line of sight.However, it is faster.
APC: Used to transport masses of infanrty nto the heat of battle. Very slow and unarmed, but heavily armoured.
Battle Fortress: An APC which has been modfied so that infantry can shoot out of its gun ports.

the communists build aircraft from helipads. A helipad can support only one aircraft, but the communists aircraft can easily take off vertically into the air without using a runway.The aircraft also won't die if their helipad is destroyed.
Orca fighter: Slower than the g7 aircraft, but can rockets at ground troops
Orca Bomber: Carpet bombs long stretches of ground
Harpy: A helicopter with a lot of ammo. Uses chan guns to wipe out enemies.

And Much more is to come,including Prism Tanks which fire lasers which diffract off many targets, EmP tanks which short circuit enemy tanks and make them cease to function, Demo trucks ,terrorists and hunter seeker drones which plow into enemies and self destructs, klling the enemy with it, Stealth Tanks and the heavily armoured and armed Apocalypse Tank, the star of red alert 2, for the communists, of course.

Stay in touch for updates.

Below is a production pict of my base playing the G7.

New Flash RTS update 3


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2009-01-08 11:08:20

That's quite an ambitious project you've got there. I hope you can pull it off, because so far it looks promising, keep up the good work!


2009-01-08 14:20:24

This is awesome! It really reminds me of Tiberian Sun, and all the other CnC games. One thing that i don't really like is the graphisc, maybe make them more detailed, with real life looking textures?

But It's going to be a great game :D


2009-01-08 15:08:53

woah man looks very interesting

really keep working on this, ill be watching you


2009-01-08 16:57:01

wait, why are the communist countries evil?