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Flash RTS update 2

2008-12-24 10:21:03 by ASSHOLELA

Hi,welcome to my second update instalment on the latest C and C themed flash RTS to be posted by March on NG!
Have been making progress on my new flash RTS game.A slew of new units have been added, as well as the oil gathering (harvesting) and build process.

here's another 2 production pics (n.b the graphics are for testing purposes only and are not necessary the ones in the final product)
If you are interested, you can read the intro below:

The game has been made to resemble command and conquer and if you are an avid fan,you would notice the "grizzly tanks","navy seals" and "v3 rocket launcher" from red alert 2, and "disc throwers" from tiberian sun. The game will feature a mix of over 60 different kinds of units taken out from the 3 universes of C&C the First Decade,Red Alert,Tiberian and Generals ,including air and naval units,nukes, ion cannons and the lot.

There will be 2 factions (like GDI and Nod) with its own specific strengths and weaknesses (e.g the good guyz(havent thought of names for the sides yet,plz suggest...) build buildings directly using conyards while the baddies utilize construction dozers to build theirs.

I'm not bragging, but the game engine can support multitudes of units at once ( had 100 units and the fps still read av 16), way more than what perhalps you have played in Keth Kong's renegade commanders (a similar Flash RTS;10 unit pop limit;most probly due to lag),as well as maps sizes comparable to the ones on Red alert 2.(200 x 200 tiles).It has the potential to support multiple players from multiple teams consisting of players allied together if your comp is powerful enough.In short,the gameplay's gonna be little short of what you'll be getting in the original C&C games.However the downside's that the screen size has to be quite small 400px square for reasonable smooth gameplay on my ages old 1.5GHZ comp (dunno bout urs)

Flash RTS update 2


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2008-12-24 10:49:44

looks pretty cool
please try and get all the bugs out before you put it up, i remember the other rts's you have made were very buggy

anyway, i would love to help test

some names could be
good guyz- Earth Defense Agency
baddies- The Fallen

will there be a possible multi player mode? that would be very cool



2008-12-24 12:33:25

wow that looks awesome!


2008-12-24 14:55:24

Looks pretty sweet man, it might be a good idea to have changeable screen size. I know itskind of hard to set up sometimes though, it can mess with your non gameplay screens and your graphic placements.


2008-12-24 17:50:23



2008-12-25 18:42:54

hi hi hi hi