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New Flash RTS

2008-12-10 05:07:41 by ASSHOLELA

For those who've played either Keith Kong's Renegade Commanders or my Tank Wars RTS, or fellow command and conquer fans out there, here's something for you. A brand new flash RTS is in the works and it will feature virtually everything Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 has ,tons of different units from 2 conflicting sides, the oppotunity to build naval units and aircraft ,and lots lots more. Scheduled to be posted latest by March 2009, this brand new RTS would redefine what has been achieved in the creation of flash RTSes around the world!

Heres a production pic (note: The graphics are meant for testing purposes only and are not the ones used in the final product)

New Flash RTS


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2008-12-10 05:30:47

find a way to enable a right click cancel or something :)

other than that. i hope its good.


2008-12-10 14:03:58

looks nice, ive played tank wars


2008-12-10 19:36:32

Woah so it will have elements of Red Alert series?
thats awesome!
does that mean the units will have funny costom unit responses and similar firing sounds just like Red Alert has?